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Organic Photovoltaic (OPV)

Hyper, Inc. offers high purity OPV materials including small molecules, donor polymers, fullerene derivatives, non-fullerene acceptors as well as interface layer materials. For more information and support please contact us.

OPV Donor Materials

Soluble small molecules and polymers for bulk heterojunction organic solar cells.

Fullerene Derivatives

Chemically modified  fullerenes,  typical electron acceptors for bulk heterojunction organic solar cells.

[60]PCBM bis-[60]PCBM [70]PCBM bis-[70]PCBM
Non-fullerene Acceptors

N type organic semiconductors, another type of electron acceptor candidates for high performance organic solar cells.


Interface Materials

Hole/ electron transport layer materials for OPV.



C60 C70 PFN

Silver Nanowires

Sliver nanowires with absence of particles and high aspect ratio of ~1000, suitable for fabricating flexible transparent conducting films.

Avg Length: 「 60 μm

Avg Diameter: 「 60 nm

Solvent: Methanol, Ethanol, Isopropanol, or follow client's requirement.

Concentration: 1mg/ml, or follow client's requirement.

Disclaimer: The technical information provided in our website is accurate. However, Hyper, Inc. assume no liability  for the accuracy of this information. The test data provided here is from a typical batch and may vary over time and different batch. Also, the products provided by Hyper are not guaranteed to achieve specific results.






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